Be aware of Facebook SPAM!!

Recent days, there is flow of spams that are posting explicit video links in your friends’ wall in the guise of your name without your concentration. I would like to put here some advises to follow for you folks—
1. Change your password frequently(if possible do it now)
2. Do not click any unwanted/unknown link.
3. Don’t be tempted to activate any fb feature by clicking any link(like ‘activate fb dislike button’). If fb introduces any kind of new feature, it will automatically be associated with your profile.
4. Clear your browser’s history, cookies & catch memory if you are using fb on a sharing pc(like in a cyber cafe) after each session.
5. If possible try to use fb ‘One Time Password‘ (OTP) to log in from a cyber cafe
6. Update your antivirus regularly
7. If you are a Win7 user then update the ‘Windows Defination Library’ by enabling auto update feature of your OS
8. If possible try to use a third party firewall along with your default firewall
9. If you are using opera mini/firefox on your cellphone/smartphone, then update it to the latest latest version.
10. Use google chrome on pc for better protection instead of firefox
11. Do not visit any malicious/potential harmful/explicit website with the browser that is used to log in to your fb profile
12. do not activate any app on your profile without being sure of it completely
13. update your smartphone’s OS( especially symbian ANNA & Android Eclair/Froyo are much more vulnerable to this spam)
14. Do not click any video link on your wall( the common form of the link is it starts with your ‘first name’ of your profile & describes that most people don’t dare to watch this video.)
15. Apply the maximum security for your profile provided by fb
16. Do not visit any kind of pornography site if really want get rid of those shits
17. Use a licensed Internet Scurity(like Mcafee, Norton, AVG etc.) for the overall safety of your system
18. Use the ‘Private Browsing’ feature on the browser while you are using a sharing pc
19. Mac users always try to use Safari

If you have any kind of doubt/question/hesitation regarding those above remarks feel free to ask.