Read Bengali Webpages on Your Cell Phone

Many of you face a lot of trouble to read texts written in complex scripts (like Bengali, hindi, urdu greek or some other languages) in your mobile. This is because your mobile do not support Unicode. Here I’ll give you a step by step instruction to read Bengali (or any other language that isn’t supported by most of the entry level mobile phones) in your phone.
1. At first you need to download a browser Opera Mini in your phone. It supports most of the internet enabled cellular phones. It has a wonderful user friendly interface. Download the latest compatible version from for your mobile.

2. Now open it up. You’ll see a home screen smilier to it.

3. Now type opera:config in the address bar. Hit enter & it will take you to a power menu. [If it doesn’t work then type about:config]

4. In the power menu you’ll see a page like this.

5. Scroll down to the end of the page. You’ll see written Use Bitmap fonts for complex scripts at the lower part of the page. In fact it is the last option on the page.

6. Now click on the arrow at the right corner of that line. You’ll see a drop down menu there. It is checked ‘No’ by default. Change it to Yes.

7. Click Save at the lower end of the page.

8. That’s it. You are completely done. Now you can visit any kind of Bengali sites from your mobile & read it without any kind of hassle. Here is a shot of Prothom-Alo mobile given below.

Wasn’t it too easy? Now you don’t have to worry much about reading any language on your cell phone. No matter what device it is, be it an iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Mango, MeeGo or whatever, you can now play on Facebook, search on Google, read dailies, or simply surf the net in your own language.

Encounter any kind of difficulty? Feel free to ask.
Let me know what was your experience….

The above task was performed on an iPhone. And the image of the wap site in step 8 is taken from the site in 22.2.2012. This tutorial is provided for those who see boxes in the web pages instead of original texts. Caution- Reading Bengali web pages in mobile will cause a huge amount data charge.