Facebook App Center curates apps for iPhone and Android users

Facebook announced the launch of its new curated App Center that’ll let Facebook users find iOS or Android apps quickly and easily. The App Center will give users personalized recommendations and let them see apps their friends use. You can see a brief screencast of the App Center here.

Given that app discovery is one of the biggest sticking points for new iOS device owners, and that Facebook owns a huge share of Internet users’ online time and attention, this new marquee for apps might turn out to be another major promotional venue for app developers.

Facebook users with an iOS or Android device can browse a catalog of mobile apps compatible with their phone or tablet, once the App Center rolls out into Facebook’s mobile version.

The desktop version of the App Center also has a new “Send to Mobile” feature that’ll install apps on a user’s mobile device (via the appropriate App Store or Google Play link). Apps featured at launch will include Draw Something, Pinterest, Nike+ GPS, and games such as Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood, and Ghost Recon Commander.

The App Center is rolling out in the US now and will launch with more than 600 social apps.